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A3 Informatics has ceased operating

The software assets will be made available. If you are interested please contact

Dave Iberson-Hurst via LinkedIn

A3ccelerate is designed and created by our team of experts to manage sponsor and CDISC standards with a user friendly interface. It is built on a data model founded on Biomedical Concepts. The suite consist of the our free A3 community MDR, A3 Terminology MDR, A3 MDR and the A3 Study Workbench.

A3ccelerate removes the need for managing your metadata using traditional methods (such as Excel spreadsheet) which creates challenges for maintaining and control or increasing scalability. Using A3ccelerate will drive improvements in your data quality.


To support the move away from a variable-based world to one based on real-world concepts and the data’s natural form with associated relationships (Biomedical Concepts). This move is needed to address issues faced by industry in the use of data standards today.

The A3 Suite comprises of four modules

The A3 Suite comprises of four modules

With our unique approach, you choose the solution that suits your needs.

The Benefits of Using the A3 Suite

Companies using A3 Suite will gain control and full benefit of using Sponsor & Industry Standards

Better control of Sponsor & CDISC standards: Additional Benefits

The CDISC Business Case demonstrates why standards need to be implemented

Don’t know where to start?

Start by using our free Community MDR
where you can browse, search and compare
CDISC Terminology.

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