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Join the discussion: Towards Better Data

Linked Data and Graph Databases: Driving Data Quality

Johannes Ulander: Towards Better Data At the end of November 17, Johannes Ulander presented at the PhUSE single day event in Beerse. His presentation, ‘Towards Better Data’ considered linked data and graph data bases and the impact this has on the quality of the data....

Understanding Biomedical Concepts

CDISC standardisation starts when you write a protocol and you decide how your CRF should look. The current way of working makes data collection and processing in a CDISC standardised way very inefficient and resource demanding.

A3 Informatics, Linked Data and PhUSE

The New World - Linked Data and PhUSE In Edinburgh in October, A3 Informatics stepped out of the shadows and launched itself into the world. To say the conference was an exciting time for the team is an understatement. With nearly 700 attendees, 125 presentations and...