A3 Informatics stepped out at the CDISC European Interchange in Berlin for the first time, at the end of April and it proved to be a very busy and successful event. Both Dave Iberson-Hurst and Johannes Ulander were presenting and you can read more and download their presentations below.

Keynote Speaker

Firstly, one thing was very clear from the event, there is an appetite for change. The CDISC standards have reached a certain level of maturity but one message seemed to come through, there is still so much work to be done. During the Keynote speech by Dr Martin Gibson from NorthWest EHealth in Manchester, UK, he discussed the way data from patient records could be brought together to enhance patient care and research. However, he also made it very clear that future collaboration between interested parties was vital.

“All the technology in the world won’t work, if people don’t work together” – Dr Martin Gibson, NorthWest EHealth

NWEH Platform

Dr Martin Gibson and the Data Sources

Interestingly, he raised the issue of where the source data lies and that there is perfectly good data sitting in electronic health records but the pharmaceutical industry is still focused on the eCRF. This was something that Dave Iberson-Hurst and CDISC were discussing and led to the eSource Data Interchange Document back in 2006! Perhaps it’s time to assess where we are and where we are going?

Into the Fire, CDISC and FHIR


Dave Iberson-Hurst: Into the Fire

Dave’s presentation: Into the Fire, CDISC and FHIR was presented to a packed room on the first day of the Interchange. He originally explored the idea of using FHIR and getting data out of a health record into SDTM in June 2017 and was interested in seeing if it was possible using new technology. However, that possibility raised more than a few eyebrows and with there being a renewed interest in LOINC and the CDISC LAB standards, once again Dave was demonstrating the power of Biomedical Concepts and Linked Data. The attendees at the presentation were clearly intrigued, as Dave showed how quickly the Glandon Suite and FHIR could work together to generate different views of the data and work with the CDISC standards. If you want to know more, read Dave’s original Blog, download the slides and you can watch the video on our YouTube Channel.

Johannes Ulander presented the following day, again showing the power of linked data and leveraging the Glandon Suite to gain control of your CDISC Terminology. Johannes also wrote a Blog about this in January and it continues to be a challenge for companies to keep up with the different versions of CDISC Controlled Terminology. You can read that Blog here. Johannes slides and a more detailed report of S-cubed’s activities at the Interchange can be seen on the S-cubed website.

We’d really like to say, “Thank you,” to everyone who came and talked to us at the booth.

DIH Glandon

Dave Iberson-Hurst discussing the Glandon Suite

It was fantastic to meet so many new people and to start building relationships with you. Equally to all our old friends, who have worked with Dave and CDISC over the past 15 Years, thank you for your support. Over the coming weeks we will be getting in contact and hopefully, we will see you PhUSE in the USA or Frankfurt later in the year.