Privacy Policy for A3 Informatics

  1. What’s in this policy?
    This policy tells you:
  • What information we might collect about you
  • How we might use that information
  • When we might use your details to contact you
  • What information of yours we might share with others
  • Your choices about the personal information you give us
  1. What does this policy cover?
    This policy covers the services that are offered by A3 Informatics ApS
    What is not covered by this policy?
    This policy does not cover services offered by any external links you follow from our website to other organisations, companies or services. These companies will have their own privacy policies and cookie policies.
  1. How do you protect my personal information?
    We are strongly committed to keeping your information safe. We have policies and procedures in place to look after your information and security.
  1. What types of personal information does A3 Informatics collect about me?
    Information that you give us:
    You may have given us your email to ask us to contact you about our services, this data is stored on a password protected server.
    We collect some data through google analytics about behaviour on our website but this is anonymised and we have no way to identify an individual.
  1. How long will A3 Informatics keep my personal information?
    We only keep your email while we are in touch in relation to our services. After 6 months if we have not heard from you we will delete your details unless you ask us not to.
  1. How can A3 Informatics use my personal information and when will you use it to contact me?
    We have to have a valid reason to use your personal information. We will only use your data for reasons you would reasonably expect and when we have a legitimate interest to do so these include:
  • Contacting you in response to your providing us your email through the contact us page
  • Keeping you up to date with our latest product developments which you can unsubscribe from at any time
  1. When does A3 Informatics share my personal information with others?
    We will never sell your personal information or share it with other organisations unless we are required to do so by law, or when we need to protect you or other people from harm.
  1. How does A3 Informatics use cookies and tracking?
    We use cookies to ensure that our content is useful and to monitor what you would like to read. This data is anonymised and we cannot identify individual behaviour on our website.
  1. Can I delete my information?
    You can contact A3 Informatics at any time and ask for your information to be deleted. You can opt-out of our newsletter emails at any time.
  1. What are my rights?
    You are in control of your personal information.
    You have the right to:
  • Request a copy of your information
  • To correct any information that may be wrong, to delete or to request that we only use it for certain purposes
  • To change your mind and ask us to stop using your information. For example, asking us to remove you from the newsletter email list
    Bear in mind, sometimes we might not be able to help, for instance, if the law tells us we can’t.
  1. How will I find out about changes to this policy?
    We will sometimes update this policy. If we make important changes to how we use your personal information, we will let you know. It might be a notice on the website or an email.
  1. How can I contact A3 Informatics?
    You can contact us at any time about your rights.
  • Email:
  • Post: A3 Informatics ApS, Lille Strandstræde 20C 5, Copenhagen K, DK- 1254
  • You can also contact the Datatilsynet in Denmark for further advice and support.