The Glandon Suite

Tools designed and created to solve real world challenges in a non-disruptive and iterative manner to suit different working environments.

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Glandon MDR

Metadata Repository handling CDISC and sponsor-defined Terminology (version control and management), Biomedical Concepts, Forms and SDTM  Model, Implementation Guides and Custom Domains.

Glandon Study Build

A tool that builds CRF, aCRF and EDC load file (ODM and ALS) for a study, using the Forms and metadata definitions from the MDR.

Glandon Define.xml

Allows for a define.xml file to be built based on either a study definition, an existing file or with limited source information. Uses the MDR to aid the user into populating the define.xml.

The Benefits of Using the Glandon Suite



Companies using Glandon will gain control and full benefit of using CDISC Standards

  • Efficient standards management supporting version management and identification of changes.
  • Easy to apply standards during study build ensuring cross-trial standardisation.
  • Immediate impact assessment when CDISC standards change
  • Better traceability throughout data flow
  • Using Glandon MDR an electronic produced annotated CRF and define.xml is created by the push of a button

Better control of CDISC standards delivers further benefits, including

  • Increased use of standard programs on trial data, including data quality checks
  • Less effort required to streamline data for submission
  • Avoidance of submission delays

The CDISC Business Case demonstrates why standards need to be implemented

  • You can read the various business cases from CDISC on their website (login is required)
  • Glandon can simplify the way you implement standards
  • Glandon will work with your current work flow and technology
  • Glandon can work iteratively with you, to ensure productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use A3 Informatics?

Our suite of tools has been designed with real world work in mind. We know that your company cannot stop working on drug development to implement costly IT projects. The Glandon Suite is designed to be implemented in an iterative manner; you can choose what you need, when you need it. We have built our products to ensure there is minimal impact on your day to day work.

What is the Glandon Suite?

The Glandon Suite comprises an MDR (Metadata Repository) handing Sponsor-defined and CDISC Terminology, Biomedical Concepts, Forms and the SDTM (Study Data Tabulation) Model, Implementation Guides and Custom Domains. Additionally, there are tools to support the clinical research process, including a Study Builder (under testing), Define.xml (under construction) and SDTM (prototype).

Why build it on CDISC Standards?

CDISC Standards are required by the FDA and PMDA for submission data. We want to ensure that you can get your product to submission as easily as possible.

Can I choose to just use the Glandon MDR?

Absolutely. We have a variety of models of implementation that you can choose.

What is a Biomedical Concept?

CDISC have created a comprehensive explanation of biomedical concepts which you can find by following this link. 

What support do you provide?

We have expert consultants and a range of materials to help you with our tools. You will be given a client sign in when you work with us, where you can find all the documentation you need, including updates and user guides.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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