Glandon Study Workbench Features & Benefits

Study Setup

Study setup specifying Schedule of assessment -SoA (selecting CRFs) based on MDR standard Forms.


Generate CRFs

Generate CRF and annotated CRFs for the study


Study Setup Exports

Allows for exporting SoA in ODM and ALS formats for quicker EDC setup.

Export Formats

Supports JSON, ALS and ODM export formats

Define.xml from study build

Generate define.xml based on a study build

Define.xml from MDR

Generate define.xml on (master) models in MDR


Export Define.xml

Export define.xml files in all versions (1.0.0, 2.0.0 & 2.1.0)

Upgrade, Version, Edit

Read existing define.xml files, upgrade version and edit


Version Management

Version management of all items managed by the study build tool


Audit Trail

Audit trail to record changes to items managed by the system


Configurable Settings

User management and individual configurable settings